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Local flowers, at home all summer long

Flower bouquet subscription

Enfants Sauvages is part of the Slow Flower movement. Like Slow Food, it is a movement that promotes responsible consumption.  Enfants Sauvages puts forward healthy, local and joyfully produced flowers.  Slow Flower is quite simply the logical continuation of this growing demand for local food and products. Want to sign up for a floral subscription? You are in the right place.

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The issue of flowers

abonnement bouquet de fleurs
abonnement floral

Abonnement floral

For centuries, flowers have accompanied our lives and punctuated the seasons; they please guests, decorate the interior of houses, mark blows – good or bad – and express feelings from “I love you” to “forgiveness”. Flowers inspire artists from the still lifes of Cézanne to the vases of Alvar Aalto and represent a source of creation of objects dedicated to them. In short, their presence fills our daily environment and the act of giving flowers embodies our cultural heritage.

from the exhibition Offering Flowers, at the Pavillon de l'Arsenal in Paris.

Abonnement bouquet de fleurs, abonnement floral

Enfants Sauvages is a flower farm that produces ecological flowers. It offers floral subscription for people who want to bring life and freshness to their environment.

Eco-responsible flower bouquets  every 2 weeks, dropped off at drop-off point.


Discover the 3 flower bouquet subscription plans! Link 

Abonnement floral, abonnement bouquets de fleurs

A new trend is emerging in the agricultural sector: the craze for non-mechanized farms, or almost, on small surfaces and with production techniques that respect the environment.

This goes hand in hand with the awareness of the environmental problems of our time, those linked to agriculture as well as those independent of it.

Looking forward to covering you with... local flowers!

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